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Large Size Rain Chicken Statue

Large Size Rain Chicken Statue

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Large Size Chicken Statue


Koroush Arish


33 cm


25 cm


50 cm

Approximate weight (grams)

4300 grams


Glazed ceramic

Material Ceramic

Suitable for all types of decorations

The decoration of any space has a direct relationship with the mood of the people, and hence it is necessary to choose tools that give the space a spirit and beauty.
Also, when you feel tired of the space in your home and tolerate a uniform decoration, you don't have to think about changing furniture, carpets, curtains, and original items.
With a much lower budget, you can make drastic changes to your home or office.
Note that the sculptures must be chosen according to the mood and style of the interior. In other words, in order to choose a statue properly, it is necessary to first understand the style of the space in question.
The style of decorations is mainly divided into classical, modern, traditional and minimal, and you need to know which of these categories are the decorations you want to get to get any type of decorative device.
For example, modern sculptures are suitable for modern and minimalist spaces, and for classical decoration you should choose a traditional and classical sculpture.
It is interesting to know that sculptures are a visual element and represent your interests and symbolically represent your beliefs. So you should be careful to consciously choose your home and workplace decoration sculptures.
Meanwhile, Susa's art collection houses a complete and different collection of ceramic sculptures that can be adapted to any taste.


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