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Knight ceramic horse statue-Brown

Knight ceramic horse statue-Brown

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Knight ceramic horse statue

Artist Behzad Ajdari

25 cm


10 cm


24 cm

Approximate weight (grams)

1700 grams


Glazed Ceramic

Material Ceramic

Suitable for all types of decorations


The dimensions of this statue as well as the special design of this product have made it possible to use it on different surfaces such as table, types of shelf, buffet and ... Use.

This beautiful statue can also be a precious gift for your loved ones.

The ceramic statue of Shah Tahmasp horse is handmade and made of first-class glazed ceramic.

Ceramic products are actually made of pottery, which is glazed on top of them, in addition to extending the life of the product, gives it a stunning beauty.

Historically, ceramic sculptures and dishes have had a special place in traditional art, and today, these products, which are made by artists, are still one of the popular options for decorating the home.

The design of this statue is inspired by the image of Shah Tahmasp horse in miniature motifs, and the combination of this design with ceramic has given the design a double glamor.

Therefore, while it is considered as a modern decoration and minimal, it can give the traditional spirit to the decoration of your home.

This ceramic sculpture is completely cleaned with a wet wipe, due to its high quality glaze and polished surface, but you can also wash it with water if needed to have a more beautiful shiny effect.

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