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Golden ceramic horse statue-Celestial

Golden ceramic horse statue-Celestial

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Golden ceramic horse statue

Artist Koroush Arish

20 cm


12 cm


33 cm

Approximate weight (grams)

1100 grams


Glazed Ceramic

Material Ceramic

Suitable for all types of decorations


Sculptures are one of the decorative elements that add color and luster to the home decoration and give a new spirit to the home. Golden ceramic horse statue with patina glaze is one of these beautiful and decorative sculptures that shows the taste of the designer and maker of this work. In Iranian culture, the horse has always been respected as a kind and noble animal, and for this reason, the role of the horse is very colorful in the ancient, handicraft and cultural works of this land.

This statue with a long neck and a beautiful and stylish design will have an attractive effect in modern and classic decorations. The ceramic horse statue is very pleasant and unique because of the beautiful and special glaze painted on it. This statue is made in a variety of colors and designs that are visually different from each other, leaving your hand open to choose.

The ceramic horse statue with glaze and patina coating was designed and executed by artist Koroush Arish. Patina and glaze are decorative and practical coatings that give a special effect to pottery and ceramic dishes. Patina is a sheet coating that is applied to pottery, ceramics, etc. With patina, you can decorate statues or dishes and work on them with patterns. Also, patina work has different techniques, including decoupage, aging, etc.

This statue is also decorated with patina glaze, a coating that, apart from beauty, makes this statue stronger and more resistant. You can easily use a damp cloth to clean this statue.

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