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Farhoud statue-White Cube- Face with black patterns

Farhoud statue-White Cube- Face with black patterns

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The statue of Farhoud is a magnificent work by Reza Taibi

Artist Reza Taibi

17 cm


14 cm


18 cm

Approximate weight (grams)

1350 grams


Glazed Ceramic

Material Ceramic

Suitable for all types of decorations


Inspired by the symbolic role of the lion in Iranian art, this statue embodies the spirit of power and glory in all its details.

Farhoud, which is made with the utmost care from high-quality ceramics and glaze, is a testimony to the commitment of the creator of this work to his original art.

Farhoud embraces the beauty and originality of ancient Iranian motifs and portrays the essence of the lion in a modern and unique interpretation.

The artist's masterful use of opulent gold and white colors add a sense of grandeur to this stunning creation, highlighting the intricate details and true expression of the sculpture.

This magnificent ceramic lion statue is a versatile piece of art that suits a variety of styles and decors.

Its simplicity complements traditional, modern and integrated aesthetics, making it an ideal choice for minimal or eclectic decor.

Whether Farhoud is placed on a window sill, decorates a bookshelf, or is displayed as a centerpiece on a table, Farhoud adds charm and grandeur to any space.

Immerse yourself in the charming atmosphere of the Farhoud statue and let its magnificent aura captivate you.

Let its magnificent craftsmanship and timeless appeal become a statement piece in your home, office, or any environment that has something to say.

Experience the power and elegance of this exquisite lion sculpture and enhance your space with the charm of handcrafted objects that transcend time.

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