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Copper plated plate

Copper plated plate

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Copper Tray


38.5 cm


15 cm

Approximate weight (grams)

500 grams


Copper Smithing (Hand Hammering)




Suitable for all types of decorations


Silver color

As you know, copper is one of the popular metals among people, and the use of copper dishes goes back hundreds of years.

Copper dishes are one of the most authentic dishes that are very beautiful and show off at the same time.

Coppersmithing is considered one of the ancient handicrafts of Iran. Coppersmithing has a long history in Iran, so that handmade copper vessels attract attention as one of the most beautiful components in museums.

Despite the passage of time and the introduction of new dishes, copper dishes are still among the most popular serving and cooking dishes.

The product you see in the picture is designed by Persian artists and can have many uses in serving all kinds of food.

Our artists have made a piece of copper metal into a serving design, which can decorate your serving table and show your original taste.

Hammering technique has been used to produce this copper container.

The fine and orderly hammering that is evident in this beautiful dish, shows off the art of Iranian coppersmiths. Hammering is a process that is done on copper sheets to design and pattern copper as well as make it stronger.


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