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Farzin statue

Farzin statue

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Farzin's sculpture is a combination of art and function

Artist Reza Taibi

20 cm


10 cm


25 cm

Approximate weight (grams)

1340 grams


Glazed Ceramic

Material Ceramic

Suitable for all types of decorations


This remarkable piece beautifully represents the whole of a horse and seamlessly combines modern design elements with the timeless charm of Persian motifs.

This sculpture, which is made with great care and quality ceramic material, is a true testimony of the artist's commitment to craftsmanship and quality.

Farzin ceramic horse sculpture contains a harmonious combination of tradition and contemporary aesthetics.

The artist who created it skillfully turned the Iranian symbolic motif of the horse into a sculpture that contains a container and evokes a sense of aesthetics and cultural importance.

Intricate details and the use of gold and white glaze enhance the beauty of the sculpture and create an eye-catching piece that displays luxury and sophistication.

This multi-purpose artwork not only serves as a visually striking sculpture but also as a functional container.

Its hollow interior provides space for storing small trinkets, jewelry or precious keepsakes and adds functionality to its artistic appeal.

Place it on a coffee table, mantel, counter, or decorative shelves and let it act as a spark to spark conversation and spark your guests' imaginations.

Farzin's ceramic horse sculpture is easily compatible with a wide range of interior styles, from traditional to modern, and fits seamlessly into minimalist or eclectic decors.

Its adaptive beauty makes it a stunning element, whether your space is a cozy home, a stylish office, or a luxury boutique hotel.

Experience the beauty and originality of the Farzin ceramic horse statue. Immerse yourself in the art and craft of Reza Taibi's masterful creation.

Let it become a precious center of attention and shine elegance and splendor in your surroundings. Embrace grandeur and luxury and immerse yourself in the allure of handcrafted objects that transcend their time.

This statue was previously known as the ceramic statue of the Trojan horse in the Susa collection.

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